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Mouse Mansion: Sam & Julia at the Circus

Join Sam and Julia on another adventure in the spectacular world of the Mouse Mansion.

Sam and Julia live in a wonderful place called Mouse Mansion. Sam is SUPER shy and VERY well behaved, while Julia is SUPER curious and VERY stubborn. The two mice couldn’t be more different, but they are the best of friends.

One summer holidays, Julia and her mum join the circus! Julia writes to Sam about her exciting adventures with her new circus friends, and Sam writes back with all his news about life at Mouse Mansion.

  • Mouse Mansion 3: Sam and Julia at the Circus
  • Author: Karina Schaapman
  • ISBN: 9781760112028
  • Picture Books
  • Published by: Allen & Unwin
  • Paperback




Karina Schaapman is a Dutch wife, mother and politician.
Mouse Mansion is based on the real-life Mouse Mansion which was conceived and created by Karina.



The mansion is made from cardboard boxes and papier-mache, and it has more than a hundred rooms, corridors and outdoor spaces. For the interior, Karina used vintage fabrics from the fifties, sixties and seventies plus various types of waste material. Mouse Mansion includes many autobiographical moments from Karina’s life as well as her husband’s. Karina says: ‘I was inspired by bringing up my own four (now grown) children … Their development made me see what is important to children, such as building huts, sharing secrets, love and being looked after. But also…learning that looking different or experiencing different customs and rituals does not have to be threatening, but that you can learn from your neighbours, that they enrich you.’
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  1. I have been lucky enough to review this book. What a delightful little book this is too. This took me back to my childhood. I was a reluctant reader as a kid however there was a series of books about a little mouse that captured my attention., and just like this book the illustrations were photos rather than drawings.

    This book was originally written in the Netherlands, however has been printed in many countries. This particular one bring in Australia which is great as they talk about dollars and cents – it makes it relevant to my son.

    Storyline – this is a very catchy storyline with the introduction of different mouse families at the mansion (and not just the typical mum, dad and kids type of families). This story is about Julia and her mum who live together, however go to work for the circus during the summer. I love how this book uses a variety of dialogue, descriptive language and expression. Great to read as an adult or to the kids. The story introduces children to new language and equipment (like a typewriter) which they may not of encountered before. I like the way that the story has been broken down into very short chapters which allows the reader to read this over a series of sessions, which is definitely needed if talking about each of the pictures.

    Illustrations – these are amazing. They are photos of handmade items in a mouse house. You can see every little detail, scraps of material on the ground, crumpled rubbish. The illustrations lead to so much discussion and observation. Each picture has so much going on that this book would be great even without a storyline.

    I am in love with this series now and will be revisited many times – It is actually sitting on my coffee table and is picked up by my visitors as the illustrations draw them into its amazing detail 🙂

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