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Nathalia Buttface and the Embarrassing Camp Catastrophe



The laugh-out-loud funny girl-series returns – and Nat is more embarrassed than ever!
From TV and radio comedy writing talent Nigel Smith.
Nat’s class is going on a week-long field trip to hunt for fossils. Cue mouldy log cabins, potholing, map reading and other totally boring geography-related stuff – all the things that Nat hates…and Dad loves! Of course he volunteers to come along with the class as a parent helper. Normally Nat would strictly forbid Dad’s attendance BUT he’s finally applied for a ‘proper’ job – teaching survival skills to juvenile delinquents – which she really wants him to get, as it will keep him busy and stop him interfering in her life! If all goes well on this trip, he’ll definitely get the job. Nat just needs to keep Dad away from the canoes…and anything involving a zip wire, oh and perhaps they shouldn’t venture up the rather treacherous-looking mountain Bleak Peak during the rainiest storm of all time…

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  • Title: Nathalia Buttface and the Embarrassing Camp Catastrophe
  • Author: Nigel Smith
  • ISBN: 9780008167127
  • Childrens Fiction
  • Published by: HarperCollins NZ
  • Purchase from  Mighty Ape HERE


Nigel Smith has been a journalist, busker, TV comedy producer and script writer, winning an award for his BBC 4 radio comedy, VENT. More importantly, he has been – and still is – an embarrassing Dad. Much like Nathalia Buttface, his three children are continually mortified by his ill-advised trousers, comedic hats, low quality jokes, poorly chosen motor vehicles, unique sense of direction and unfortunate ukulele playing. Unlike his hero Ivor Bumole, he doesn’t write Christmas cracker jokes for a living. Yet.




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