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Neat n Sweet

Making Baby’s Bed has never been easier

Busy mums have enough to worry about, so when it comes to their precious little ones in bed, they don’t want to be left worrying about them getting tangled in their sheets or rolling over on their front

Introducing Neat n Sweet, a revolutionary new all-in-one bed sheet set that’s not only quick and easy to fit, it’s been specially designed with baby’s comfort in mind




  • Sheeting: 95% Cotton & 5% Elastomeric fiber
  • Gingham Trim & Wrap: 100% Cotton
  • Lining and filling: 100% Cotton
  • American size cot sheet set includes fitted all in one sheet set with 1x wrap
  • To Fit an American Inner sprung sized cot mattress w690 x h1300
  • Available in Pretty Pink Gingham trim or Baby Blue Gingham trim and white sheeting


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The Neat n Sweet Story – October 2006
Heavily pregnant and getting a little excited, I wanted to make up the baby’s room. I purchased new American sized cot sheets for an American sized mattress. After a lot of tugging, pulling and endless tucking I was irritated. The sheets kept fluffing up on both sides of the cot untucking themselves. Something wasnt right …. I threw the new sheets down in frustration and walked out of the babys room. I sat on the couch thinking there has to be a better way of making up a cot. There wasn’t even a baby in the cot yet!

I spoke to a lot of Mums & Dads who all had the same problem. Sheets kept getting tangled up and not sitting right or just too small. To me it all seemed like a lot of work to put a cot together and especially if you had to do it more than once every night. I sat up every night drawing and thinking much to my husband’s despair. Once I had my idea all figured out I asked my mother-in-law who is a very good sewer to help me put my idea into reality. After many prototypes I had finally figured a way to stop all the sleepless nights for mums.

Neat n Sweet 3


“Some babies spend all night moving around – wriggling restlessly in their cot and becoming tangled up in the process and loosing their sheets and blankets,” says Kirsty Barry from Neat n Sweet.“When the sheets and blankets fall off, it usually leads to one thing – a wakeful night for baby and a wakeful night for the parent!”



Neat n Sweet



Neat n Sweet sheets are designed to tuck baby into bed the good old-fashioned way. Made with special fittings that fasten under the mattress, they keep the entire sheet set secure and in place and avoid the top sheet from lifting up, becoming loose and untucked.



With a top sheet sewn in, parents no longer have to fuss around with tucking in multiple sheets and blankets that could later fall or be kicked off in the middle of the night. A wrap is also fitted to the base sheet that keeps baby in the preferred sleep position through the night – on their back.

The top sheet is fitted with two zips and each provide access to your baby from either side of the cot.  Simply zip them up at night and parents can rest assured knowing that baby is tucked up for the night comfortably.

Made from 95% cotton, Neat n Sweet sheets are available in two colours – pretty pink gingham trim or baby blue gingham trim with white sheeting.  Both are filled with breathable cotton fibre and each have an RRP of $139.




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