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Nescafe Dolce Gusto

It tastes as good as it looks.

There’s an art to creating great tasting coffee.

Our NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® capsules and machines are designed to make sure every sip you take of our delicious drinks oozes quality and style.

From our bold espressos, to indulgent hot chocolates and frothy latte macchiatos, this is coffee that will amaze your tastebuds, transporting you to your favourite coffee shop from your living room

We set out to fashion a simple system that makes creating delicious, great quality roast and ground coffee and other café style drinks as much fun as drinking it. Enjoy a café quality experience in the comfort of your own home; no mess, no fuss and the perfect accompaniment to a catch-up with friends, a pick-me up each morning or an afternoon refresh.
From layered lattes to rich black coffee, creamy hot chocolates to frosty iced cappuccinos, NESCAFÉ DOLCE GUSTO gives you the power to create whatever you crave. Our machines use up to 15 bar pressure – similar to professional machines – and they’re so easy to use. And more importantly, they look great!

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Thanks to the amazing team at NESCAFÉ DOLCE GUSTO we were lucky enough to have one of these machines at our Pink Ribbon Breakfast event. They not only sent us the machine, but a great selection of the flavours that are available. We also decided that we would purchase a couple of the flavours that weren’t available in the package that was sent, so that our members could have the opportunity of trying whatever they wanted. Once set up, we did have a bit of a play so that we knew exactly how it worked when the event came around. Honestly we weren’t prepared for just how easy it was to work, and how amazing the flavours were. These are truely delicious and there is a flavour for everyone.
If you’re looking for an affordable machine that delivers on the promises it makes, then this is a machine for you.

The only concern we had with this fantastic machine was the potential amount of capsules that we could essentially be putting into our waste. This was where we started to look further and discovered that Nescafe have created a partnership with experts TerraCycle to combat this issue.

Once we discovered that, we had no reason not to give this machine a 10/10




Give new life to your NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® capsules by sending them to TerraCycle® for FREE.

For each capsule received you will be awarded two TerraCycle® points or $0.02 per capsule that can be redeemed for a payment to your favourite non-profit organisation including school or charity.

For more information on how to start recycling today visit www.terracycle.co.nz.


  1. I love this coffee machine it was nice to have great coffee, cant wait to buy my own for my birthday.

  2. So I had to think really hard to find any fault with this coffee machine. It was super easy to use, really quick to make, made great coffee, with a fantastic range of options for any coffee (or hot chocolate) drinker, and to find out that you can recycle the pods made me very happy as this was certainly a concern when I first used it.

    There are two things that are potential issues, both very minor:
    1. The temperature of the drinks was a little varied. My first one was a perfect temperature, while my second was a ever so slightly too hot to drink initially. I’m not sure whether this was simply because I chose a different type of drink, with different proportions of milk or if there was another reason. I imagine this would happen with almost any coffee machine, particularly automated ones.
    2. I would have loved to have seen a soy or non-dairy option for the milk pod as I really shouldn’t drink milk due to an allergy (but was dying to try this machine out at the event). I have had a look on their website, and apart from milk free drinks, there wasn’t an alternate to the milk pod. I hope in the future this may be added to encompass people who can’t have milk.

    I loved this coffee machine and will be recommending it to anyone asking about getting a coffee machine. I think it would be perfect for businesses to have in their staff rooms.

  3. And for those of you (like me) that dont drink coffee, there is a Hot Chocolate – Nom Nom! Love, love, loved the machine. So easy to use.

  4. I really like this machine too and its really convenient. It is actually quicker to make one single coffee for me with this, than it is by boiling the jug

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