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Fragrant air fresheners are used to mask bad odours but this does not get rid of unpleasant smells. Neutradol is the world’s number one deodoriser because it does not mask bad odours, it effectively treats them.
Now available in Countdown stores nationwide, Neutradol Gel and Neutradol Aerosol uses a unique non-toxic formula that breaks down bad odour molecules and eliminates them, leaving the air fresh and clean





Neutradol Aerosol




Neutradol Aerosol is an instant solution to bad odours, even on the most stubborn of smells. With just a few sprays the kitchen, bathroom or pet areas are free of nasty odours




Neutradol Gel Odour Destroyer leaves the air smelling fresh and clean for up to 3 months. Economical and practical, no need to use a plug or find the correct sized refill, simply take off the lid and let Neutradol Gel release its active formula.
Available in Original or Super Fresh


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