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Achieve a flawless complexion skin with NIVEA PURE EFFECT BB CREAM
NIVEA understands that sometimes it can take countless hours and products to achieve a flawless complexion. As the trusted skincare experts, NIVEA has developed the ultimate solution with its Pure Effect BB Cream, a 2-in-1 day cream, which evens your skin tone for a natural looking radiant complexion. NIVEA Pure Effect BB cream is a time saving alternative on days when you’d prefer to go foundation free.




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NIVEA Pure Effect BB Cream is enriched with ingredients to achieve a flawless complexion, featuring:

  • Magnolia Extract: used because it contains high amounts of Magnolol and Honokiol elements, which provide both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to prevent impurities
  • Tinted pigments to help even the skin’s natural tone
    and refine your complexion

NIVEA Pure Effect BB cream offers a range of benefits:

  • Evens skin tone – creates a more even complexion, blending perfectly with your natural skin tone
  • Matte Finish – Easily absorbed for a mattified finish
  • Hydration– intensely hydrates and reduces dehydration lines for smoother, younger looking skin

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The NIVEA Pure Effect range – including the BB cream – is based on anti-blemish and moisturising ingredients. Combining Magnolia Extract and Hydra IQ which work together to prevent impurities as well as nourish the skin. As trusted skincare experts NIVEA has created the Pure Effect range to seamlessly blend into every woman’s daily beauty regime.
Ensuring small areas of irregularity are covered and resulting in an even complexion, NIVEA Pure Effect BB Cream is a day-to-day essential, helping you to reap the rewards of nourished, radiant and naturally flawless skin.




Family in Focus have 5 spots available for reviewers to trial this amazing product from NIVEA.
Simply post your name below by 5pm on the 16th July and tune in that night to see if you’re one of the lucky ones.
If you are, we need to hear from you with an email giving us your address,  that same night or we will have to redraw.


  1. Our 5 lucky reviewers are

    Liz Milner
    Vanessa Williams
    Raewyn S

  2. Nivea Pure Effect BB cream review

    I was really excited to receive my nivea BB cream in the mail!
    I tend to have oily skin and finding products that work with my skin can be quite hard, but in the past I have been really pleased with Nivea and was really excited to try this new product.
    The packaging was great, it looked and felt fresh and new, clean and crisp. And the actual product itself was lovely, the consistency was perfect! Not so runny that it went everywhere, nor was it overly thick – it was a lovely creamy consistency which made it really easy to use. Once the product was on it felt great, it was light weight and in fact didn’t really feel like I was wearing anything on my skin, however I found that the colouring of the product was just to dark for my skin 🙁 No matter how much I tried to rub or blend it in, it just never looked quite right. I also found that the coverage wasn’t quite as much as I have come to expect from a BB cream, however it would be perfect for weekends or casual days when you want something but maybe not a heavy face of make-up.
    I would definitely recommend the Nivea BB cream to my friends if their skin tone was slightly darker than mine (It doesn’t appear to come in any other shades?!?!). Overall I would give this a 8/10 – hopefully Nivea will introduce a lighter shade soon!


    Thanks for letting me review this cream. At first glance it was a great size and I could take it travelling or in my handbag to work without it being too big or bulky.

    My face is quite red with rosy cheeks and I do need to use a foundation each day to cover up the redness. I was quite surprised to find this foundation quite brown, but if using it lightly on the cheeks, it did seem to cover up my redness.

    The cream spread very easily and was very creamy to the touch. I did use it with a moisturiser underneath, but feel this isn’t necessary and for a couple of days’ just used the BB Cream on it’s own which worked really well.

    I definitely liked the Nivea BB cream and have told my work colleagues about the cream.

  4. Vanessa Williams

    I was very excited to see the courier come up my drive and hand me a package consisting of the New Fresh Nivea BB Cream.. it was a little battled and crushed through not having any packaging around the tube of BB Cream.. not damaged to harm the product thou which is bonus. probably recommend for future that some sort of packaging is around the product so it doesn’t get damaged by courier drivers miss handling packages. Sorry know it’s a petty thing, but this is how products can get really damaged and then the product is useless to anyone.. also I wouldn’t want my product damaged before it got to the rightful owner..
    OK OK OK now onto the positives..
    I liked the packing, it is fresh, fun, young, bright.
    Clearly stating it is BB Cream so no mistake of grabbing wrong product **loving the aqua blue color, fresh and modern** I used my normal day cream underneath before applying it.. big big mistake. This BB Cream is very hydrating and creamy so this is ALL you need in the morning.
    The consistency is very smooth, creamy, even feels like a real nice soft velvet texture so would be great for ladies with hot red sensitive skin. I used far far too much the first time thinking a small pea amount won’t be enough.. I once again was very wrong… you only only need a small pea sized of the Cream. Don’t squeeze too hard on the tube or more will come out than you need. I gulped when I saw the colour.. wow wow too dark for my fair skin.. but once again I was pleasantly surprised.. it blended in well, plenty of time to smooth over my whole face, neck and forehead, it didn’t dry out as many other creams while you are trying to apply. This cream didn’t grab onto dry spots or highlight my pigmentation, in fact it managed to melt into my skin to help smooth out my uneven skin tone, hydrate my skin at the same time, and in time help my yuk blemishes *that are driving me crazy* diminish due to the Magnolia Extract this is correct isn’t it Nivea?? It doesn’t have an overly strong perfume.. it’s quite refreshing and pleasant due to magnolia extract I would think. The Cream doesn’t feel heavy or clogging on my skin, it is a light texture and absorbed in enough time for me to massage the last bits into my skin leaving a Matt finish which I love.. I didn’t feel like I needed any powder to complete my look.. if I was goin out to lunch with girlfriend’s or out to dinner I would probably apply powder for more of a Matt complete look. During the day it’s enough, even felt the first time I used it gave me a dewy glow, as my skin in the T Zone is quite oily, but didn’t accentuate it..
    So to some up my thoughts, views and recommendations… I will be using this lovely creamy hydrating BB Cream on a daily basis and I will be recommending this Nivea BB Cream to my friends and family 8.5-9/10
    *I do think there would-be a market for a slightly lighter color cream due to being a New Zealander woman we tend to keep out of our hash sun, so our skin colors aren’t as dark they maybe have been in the 80’s…
    I’m keen to get my Mum on this product.. do you think it would be OK to decanter some into a small pot for Mum to trial? Or will some of the ingredients deplete and lose its active properties due to being exposed to light, air from a pot and not enclosed like the tube???
    I love trying new products and if you come across one you love like this Nivea BB Cream, I say share share share the love… friends..family deserve to have great skin, so why not share the LOVE..

    • Vanessa Williams

      I had a few more comments above ^^^^
      That haven’t shown, probably due to long review but felt everyone should know my full recommendations to anyone thinking of purchasing!!
      *pleasant, fresh fragrance✔
      *light texture✔
      *balances skin tone✔
      *nice light coverage✔
      *great color
      *velvety soft to apply✔
      So over all its a winner for me. Love the product and will be telling all my girlfriends about purchasing it, the won’t be disappointed…

  5. To start off with I was a little disappointed with the size of the tube as I thought it wasn’t going to last very long but soon discovered you only need to apply sparingly. It has a fresh pleasant fragrance.
    Upon first glance at the tint in the tube it looked like it would be too dark for my skin tone however once I started applying it blended evenly and matched my skin tone perfectly. Its smooth and creamy in texture and so easy to apply.
    I wore this to work over a 3 day period and checked my skin frequently. I found that it dried out the skin on my forehead and I found myself applying a moisturizer to rehydrate my skin.
    I will continue to use this product but will have to use another moisturizer to prevent my skin drying out.
    It definitely cleared most of the imperfections on my face except for a couple of acne scars. It filled in my pores and gave me a foundation look.
    Although the colour looks too dark it worked with my skintone.

  6. Oh my gosh, I love this product!!!
    I have been using BB creams now for a couple of years but not everyday until I tried the nivea one.
    I love it, it is so light on my skin and because I have oily skin this keeps me looking matte for most of the day.
    Brilliant, the only thing I dont like is the fragrance, but once it’s on I cant smell it anyway. Definite 10 out of 10 from me!

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