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NZ Birds

We are so lucky here in New Zealand to have some absolutely beautiful birds, and many of them can be found in our own backyards. With a little bit of encouragement, you can boost the numbers of these visitors to your garden, and teach the kids about NZ birds as well


Tūī – Tūī are unique (endemic) to New Zealand and belong to the honeyeater family, which means they feed mainly on nectar from flowers of native plants.
They are important pollinators of many native trees and will fly large distances, especially during winter for their favourite foods.

Photo credit – Debbe Laurent

NZ Birds Online Tui Information



NZ Fantail – Known for its friendly ‘cheet cheet’ call and energetic flying antics, the aptly named fantail is one of the most common and widely distributed native birds on the New Zealand mainland.
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 NZ Birds Online Fantail Information




Bellbird – The bellbird, unique to New Zealand, is easily recognised by its melodious song. Although bellbirds are still widespread, mammalian predators keep their numbers low. Bellbirds are among the species benefitting from DOC’s pest control work.

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 NZ Birds Online Bellbird Information




Silvereye – The silvereye  is now one of New Zealand’s most abundant and widespread bird species. It is found throughout New Zealand occurring in most vegetated habitats, including suburban gardens, farmland, orchards, woodlands and forests. Silvereyes are small songbirds that are easily recognised by their conspicuous white eye-ring; their plumage is mainly olive-green above and cream below.
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NZ Birds Online Silvereye Information


Attracting Birds to your Garden

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