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Parenting is filled with moment’s.

There is that moment when you first find out you are expecting a precious little bundle and suddenly you are filled with 101 emotions that seem to conflict with each other. You are absolutely over the moon, yet terrified. You will find yourself setting out on a path to wanting to know EVERYTHING, yet it all seems overwhelming.

9 Months later, all things going well, you are handed a newborn baby in one hand and an instruction book in the other……or at least this is how we wish things worked. The bad news is, there is no instruction book. The good news is that you are about to embark on a journey of parenthood that is going to have ups and downs, where you are going to learn not about every other baby on the planet but about YOUR baby.
The best advice I was ever given was

To take advice with a grain of salt. Things that will work for one person, will NOT work for another. Trust yourself, trust in your instincts. You will know your baby better than anyone else and you will discover what works and what doesn’t.


There are moments when you are going to be the proudest person on this planet, be it with the first step your child takes, the first word they utter, or simply, that smile that you wake up to every morning. But there are going to be other moments that drive you totally insane, that first tantrum, the sulking teenager because you said that horrible word that they all hate to hear ‘NO’ and of course those sibling fights , which for me really are the worst.
But all these moments, from the good, to the bad are going to be what shapes your relationship with your child. Your world is about to be filled with extreme happiness, scattered with moments of sheer panic as you try to figure things out, but I can tell you right now, that when your son or daughter looks up at you with big eyes and tells you that they love you….that is going to be the best moment of all.

Unfortunately for some of us, things don’t go according to plan and dealing with the loss of a child is something I wish we could eliminate from life, it’s the most heartbreaking experience and one that makes you feel empty, angry, guilty, sad and alone among many many other emotions that are as confusing as heck.
I hope that here at Family in Focus we can provide information, links and support in a way that will make you feel not quite so alone.


The Family in Focus parenting section is going to share with you other parents experiences. We cannot promise to offer you all the answers however we can offer you options to try and our stories will make you feel not so alone in your parenting journey.

Our articles featured on our website will be written by our websites admin team, members of the community and guest writers. Unless otherwise stated, any information and ideas shared here is an opinion or experience we personally have been through and should not be taken as a replacement for professional advice