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Peli’s Bathtub Play Pouch

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The new  DREAMBABY® Peli’s Bathtub Play Pouch is Toy Storage with a delightful difference !!
Not only is it a fun way to entertain children in the bath, it also helps to keep bath areas tidy after bathtime

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Bath time is an enjoyable time for children and parents, a time for fun and relaxation, as well as a great opportunity to bond. The newly launched Dreambaby® Peli’s Bathtub Play Pouch will make bath time even better! This wonderfully designed pelican shaped toy storage area (AKA “Peli”) is FUN, FUNCTIONAL and will entertain your young ones, as they load and unload their toys, one by one!


We were privileged enough to be able to offer this amazing product to 2 lucky reviewers thanks to the amazing team at Dreambaby.
Our lucky reviewers are
Jaqui Dyne and Vanessa Williams

Review by Vanessa

Thanks so so much allowing us to review this cute and easy functional bath tool. I found this Dreambaby Pelican Bathtub play Pouch very easy to clip together, even attaching it to the bath was super simple. I did find though it was too big for or bath. It didn’t sit right even pushed to the smallest setting. That didn’t effect its use though, my girls loved loved opening the Pelicans Beak to firstly put in their bath toys, then remove them once in the water. I loved the size of the netting, allowing long toys like mermaids to fit in and also bulky ones like boats and still have more room for many other water toys. I found it to be very sturdy and strong, spec when both girls needed to open and close his beak… have told a couple of girlfriends about this product due to its easy to install on the bath, the size of the net and most definitely the highlight for me is the clean and tidy, sanitized way to store water/bath toys. The water drains off, no moisture remains on the toys thus making them clean, fresh, dry and free of mold on all toys.

Thanks again, very impressed and happy mummy… Two very happy girls which equals a very happy Mummy 😉


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  1. Vanessa Williams

    Yahoo whoop whoop thanks for choosing us, my girls goin to be soooo stoked, thanks thanks

  2. Thanks so much for the opportunity to review the new Dreambaby Pelican bath pouch. My two year old daughter was so excited to receive her pelican and is still so excited at bathtime to pick toys from Pelicans tummy : )
    Very easy to assemble and fits onto side of bath perfectly. I like that pelican can easily be faced inwards or outwards (was abit of a squeeze when it came my time for a bath!) when not in use, toys I think we’re drier than how we had previously stored them. My bathroom looks tidier now toys can be put away neatly too.
    I did notice that the actual netting has stretched somewhat, maybe from the weight of the toys in there, so is now sitting on the floor of the bath. I would prefer the netting to be permanently attached to the pelican as a couple of times it has fallen right through the plastic part and spilled toys everywhere when moving the pelican.
    A good product, which my daughter loves, I would rate it a 7/10
    Again thankyou for this opportunity.

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