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Raglan Coconut

mr-mrs-coconut2_v2They love each other, surfing, nature, good food, and of course – coconuts!

When Mr Coconut decided it was time to go dairy-free due to allergies, Mrs Coconut started experimenting in her kitchen with making coconut yoghurt. It took time to get it right (and lots of taste-testing on Mr Coconut’s part!) but soon breakfast became their favourite part of the day.

Raglan locals started asking if they could have some too. The crew of coconut-lovers grew and grew.



Where: Raglan
Find a Stockest HERE
Email: tesh@raglancoconutyoghurt.co.nz

Raglan Coconut Yoghurt Website Raglan Coconut Yoghurt Facebook





One of the things I love about attending the Food Show is finding new products that quite simply WOW you. For me Raglan Coconut Yoghut was one of those products.

Now I didn’t try the Natural Greek Yoghurt but I did have the opportunity to try both the Black Currant & Heilala Vanilla Yoghurt and the Mango & Turmeric. The Black Currant & Heilala was simply gorgeous, you get the hit of the black currants but the heilala vanilla brings it back into a more mellow treat. So essentially you get the best of both worlds. It would be amazing on your breakfast cereal to pump up the flavour and give you a great tasty start to the day.
The Mango & Turmeric however was the biggest hit for me. I’m not quite sure what I was expecting but OMG this was just simply devine. The flavour was just heaven and my mind started ticking over as to what else I could do with the  yoghurt (eeek I went into creative mode). My first thought was how to use it in a Panna Cotta because the smoothness of the yoghurt would be just perfect but then the hungry side of me just took over and decided she’d be quite happy just sitting there with a spoon eating straight from the jar.
And – I could do it without feeling guilty because……these yoghurts are awesomely GOOD for you

Either way, this is one brand of yoghurt that you definately want to try, it ticked all the boxes for me.

Flavour ✓
Texture ✓
Healthy ✓





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