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The review process

Family in Focus  is more than just a business!

Our community is made up of people with hopes and dreams, worries and concerns, partners, families and children. Our members want the best for themselves and those they love which is why when we buy products and services we want to feel confident in our purchases. We are everyday people, who can be trusted to review your product with integrity and without bias.

Members of the Family in Focus community want to share their experiences with others – they will give their honest opinion on your product, and this in turn helps others decide that this is a product that will work for them and will be worth the money spent on it. Word of mouth and online reviews are two of the best ways to convince people to buy a product or service. At Family in Focus we cover both by encouraging our reviewers to spread the word on great products they have reviewed, and an online format so that anyone in New Zealand can find our reviews.

As a company, there is nothing worse than an unhappy customer and Family in Focus wants to help ensure your customers are satisfied with their purchases by being able to access quality reviews. There are many reasons why a customer may become unhappy with a product they have purchased – a salesperson may not have been around to discuss with them about the features of your product, or maybe the customer bought the item online through a stockist and couldn’t find essential information on that website. The customer then purchases an item that doesn’t suit their purposes leading to a return, or poor word of mouth – despite no fault of the company. Or conversely, the customer buys a competitor’s product because they just aren’t aware your product does what they need. This is where Family in Focus can help – we put the spotlight on your product, informing the potential customer of all the main features, why the product is value for money, and why they should buy it rather than a different product.

You might be wondering what happens if a negative is found in your product – be it a fault or a difference of expectation and reality. If this happens, our review makes you aware of the issue and you can accept the negative, fix it, or mitigate it in some way. Our reviewers are above all: honest, and as such occasionally, someone will find a problem that you are unaware of or find something disappointing. We consider this to be part and parcel of the review process, and can help you to create a better product, or ensure that customers are not let down. For example, it may be that the feature that people find disappointing has been over-marketed so that expectation of performance is much higher than the reality. Some customers are willing to accept a feature that is simply good enough because it also fits their budget. So a review that points out a negative will still be highly valuable to you.

Marketing will tell you that many customers will go on to purchase a product after they have either tried it, or know someone who has. Family in Focus is your go to….we’re a community that will go on to become your friends.

Why are review products are a good idea

  • Offers customers a simple way to try new products
  • Often we get caught up on our ‘regular’ products that we are less likely to try something different
  • People can be skeptical about investing their money in a product they’ve never tried before
  • People tend to buy what they know works. Family in Focus puts the spotlight on your products and highlights the features that will excite potential customers into branching out
  • The Family in Focus website gives potential customers all the information they need to make an informed choice about your product thereby saving precious time
  • Here on Family in Focus we can  introduce you to products you never knew existed
  • With the number of product choices available to consumers increasing every day they do not have time to research all the new products before buying them

We believe that we offer a fantastic opportunity for you to showcase what products you offer to New Zealand families. At Family in Focus we want to establish a business relationship that is profitable for all involved.
We also offer affordable advertising rates, with various options that will suit almost everyone.

Email now so that you don’t miss out on getting your product in FocusIf you are a company that would like us to share the information about your products with our readers, or just want some more information, pleas contact info@familyinfocus.co.nz  or fill in the contact form below


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