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School Holidays

It’s that time of the year when we are once again knee deep in school holidays and while some parents are loving the fact of not such a tight routine in the morning and having more time to spend with their little darlings, some Mums are pulling their hair out not knowing how to keep the kids amused.
For us, one of our options is Hamilton Zoo. I personally LOVE going to the Zoo. Not only for the animals but I’m one of these people that as soon as I have a camera in hand, I feel relaxed, and my children all seem to be the same. It’s about now that I have decided I am extremely greatful for digital photography as with 3 children with camera’s, getting film could have been rather expensive short of developing them myself (which I am actually trained to do). But digital photography has just made taking photos so much easier. My girls love to take a thousand photos and then look through them on the computer once we get home. We’ve experienced many photos with some rather ‘interesting’ highlights for them which leave me wondering where on earth they get their weird sense of humours from (I’m guessing their Dad).
But with the Zoo we have an annual pass meaning we can pop up to the zoo and if it rains an hour later, or it just gets too much for the kids, we just head home and return another day.
It also means the kids are outside breathing in fresh air (at least until they hit the rhino section) and not sitting in front of a screen all day.
The camera’s also mean they’re using their imagination (and sense of humour) to get shots that will bring back memories for years to come.

I don’t know how many of you have a Zoo close by, but even if you don’t, giving the kids a camera can give them a sense of responsibility, improve their imagination and create memories. It might be a photo of a flower in the yard, it might be photos of the family pet, or it might be silly selfies of themselves.
Fun is there to be had and doesn’t have to be TOO expensive

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