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Get below the surface to discover a world of fun and adventure at Sea World where you’ll experience amazing marine life face to face, meet your favourite characters and enjoy exciting rides and attractions.



  • Sea World Dr, Main Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland 4210, Australia
  • Booking Enquiries Phone 133 386
  • Gates Open 9.30am and close 5.30pm
  • Rides Start 10.00am and close 5.00pm

Sea World is set on 25 picturesque hectares and has been a family favourite theme park for over 35 years.

Now, more than just a theme park Sea World has more than exciting rides, attractions and shows. It is also firmly committed to marine research and rescue, and a place where visitors can learn about and make contact with a variety of marine animals.

Rides Include

  • Jet Rescue
  • Castaway Bay
  • The Storm
  • Viking Revenge Flume
  • Beach Break Bay
  • Sea World Monorail
  • Sky High Skyway


  • Fish Detectives
  • Imagine
  • SpongeBob ParadePants
  • Jet Stunt Extreme
  • Dora’s Best Friend Adventure
  • SpongeBob 3D


  • Seal Harbour
  • Dolphin Cove
  • Penguin Encounter
  • Shark Bay
  • Polar Bear Shores
  • Penguin Point
  • Ray Reef
  • Seabird Rehab

Many many moons ago, my Mum used to work at Seaworld and as a kid, it was one of my most favourite places to visit. The rides weren’t really important back then, it was a about the sealife experiences and as kids we loved having the opportunity to feed the fish, pat the dolphins (my favourites) and there was a seal that used to interact with the public and I think he/she was really loved by all. I remember being shown the signs to get him to do tricks and I just thought that I was something special when I could get him to do things. It was the ‘simple’ things but things that left an impression on a child.
Now, over 30 years later, I have the opportunity to take my own children to this amazing park, to see the experience once again through childs eyes. To watch them fall in love with the dolphins, just as I did all those years ago but to now experience so much more.
Back when I was riding the Wild Wave Rollercoaster, my kids are now asking to go on the Storm (over and over) and it really shows how much things have changed in that aspect. I remember not long before it closed, taking my older girls on there as it seemed more of a kids rollercoaster once The Corkscrew had opened.

Beautiful Lionfish


Gone are the original (but very dark) aquarium and shark area, but the new aquarium and shark bay are somewhere I could sit and simply watch for hours. The flow of the marine creatures throughout the areas is so serene and relaxing and taking photo’s is a challenge because despite it being so calming, it is also so busy.


Now my children enjoy the penguin encounter with it’s gorgeous King and Gentoo Penguins diving in and out of the IMG_6014Rwater and I’m sure that a couple of the penguins at least simply just love to pose for the camera. Several times I’m sure the same penguins are making sure they are first in the public eye.
One of my favourite newish additions to Seaworld is the Polar Bears. Words can’t describe how beautiful these guys are and being a person that has no problem waiting, I’ve had the privilege of seeing these guys playing, being feed or just generally relaxing. No matter what they’re doing you just have to have respect the beauty and power that lies with these bears.

IMG_0112RThere are so many other things to do, watch the jetski show (wow is this ever different to when I was a kid), pat a stingray, or even feed a stingray if you time things right, catch a photo with Spongebob or simply sit down and enjoy either the Dolphin or Sealion show (both are pretty awesome)

Seaworld to me isn’t as ‘busy’ as the other themeparks, even when there are lots of people. There are many opportunities to just stop and appreciate the sealife that surrounds you.
While there are rides for those that like a bit of a thrill, this park is a real combination of both wild life and theme park and one that you really should visit if you head to The Gold Coast.
Make sure you have your camera at the ready because you just never know what you’re going to see, and every day is different to the last because like with any wildlife…anything is possible.


I love Seaworld. I love the memories I have from my younger years and I love the new memories I have created in the last few years. My children love everything about it and while you may hit bad days, overall I think it’s a pretty great day out. If you take the time out to read and to listen, the day can help children learn so much about marine life and how they themselves can  learn respect about the sea and the creatures in it.

Food – Once again things really are over-priced but there is at least a good selection of things to order, and you can enjoy a show while you eat.

Overall Rating from me ?
9/10 – Great place to visit

Is it suitable for families ?
YES !! 9/10 Families old and young will love it.

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