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Planting our Seeds 2015

This year although we wanted a variety of goodies growing in the garden, we did want to concentrate on Tomatoes and of course Strawberries.
I also wanted to get the kids involved as I believe that it teaches them some great lessons about where their food comes from, and because they’re helping me plant, water, grow the seeds (and later transplanting), they’re also getting a sense of responsibility.

We had already bought a number of seeds, and even had some from previous years (especially my gooseberry) but I wanted something a little ‘different’ as well so went hunting, and found Kings Seeds  who had some cool and interesting different seeds, so we decided to give some of them a go.



Because my kids LOVE Cucumber, we opted for a couple of different types, I figure it will make the dinner table a bit more fun over Summer with our salads. We got the Long White Wonder, Mini White and Lemon cucumbers
Tomato wise, as well as the general Cherry and Money Maker tomatoes, we got a mixed Heirloom package, Black from Tula, and Oaxacan Jewel. I thought they looked kind of cool for tomatoes

The kids and I planted them in yoghurt containers we’d been saving, and also into ice-cream containers. We had a couple of big clear storage boxes from Warehouse, so once the seeds were planted (using Yates Black Magic Seed-raising Mix), we put them in the storage boxes to act as mini greenhouses.


20150826_125153 20150826_125222
As you can see, most of the seeds have started to grow, and we can’t wait for the weather to start improving so we can get out and get them planted.

Another thing we’ve started keeping is milk, juice and fizzy bottles so we can essentially put them over our newly transplanted seedlings when we do them. Once again they offer a bit of protection from the cold/wind and stop my silly cats from digging them up.

We’d love to hear about your gardening goings on, and see photos of your seedlings etc so please share

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