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Shopkins 12 Packs

Shopkins S4 12 Pack
Shopkins S4 12 Pack


Shopkins – Season 4

 We knew you couldn’t stop! That’s why we’ve got more to shop! Shopkins Season 4 has just arrived! As well as your favorite foods, there are Shopkins to make your Home Sweet Home, Garden Shopkins you are sure to dig and all new Petkins that you’ll love to pamper! There are 6 Shopkin 12 Packs up for grabs. Each with a super cool stackable display case to show off your new snazzy Shopkins in style! So what are you waiting for? Enter and get ready to drop! Because once you Shop, you can’t Stop!



Shopkins S4 12 Pack OOP
Shopkins S4 12 Pack OOP

Kids find plenty of fun inside the Shopkins Season Four 12-Pack. It’s time to play with a dozen adorable characters from different food-themed categories including fruit and veg, bakery, homewares and party time. Friendly faces adorn figures shaped like produce, sweet treats, garden pots and much more. A special Petkins category contains characters with animal ears and noses. All types of these little cuties feature easy-to-remember names like Peely Potato and Ice Cream Queen. A shopping basket and four bags round out the large offering of Shopkins stuff. Kids also receive a collector’s guide so they can keep track of pieces they own and what they’d like to get next. Levels of availability from common to ultra rare make collecting even more exciting. Each Shopkins play set encourages imaginative play as children pretend to grow food, shop, prepare meals and throw parties.


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Obviously these weren’t something that I could reveiw myself, as they’re one of those things that you really need to play with to get a feel for them.
Both my girls felt they were up for the challenge, but it was Melanie that was willing to put her feelings on video to share with you all.
As a parent, I love that she can spend hours playing with these cute little toys, and some of the stories she makes up are really great. These days when technology is everywhere, it’s nice to see kids using their imagination in play.
It’s kind of cool to see the girls get excited over these but OMG you should have seen the reaction when she discovered that one of her ‘secret’ ones in the box, was of the rarer variety. Haha, if it gets my kids excited, it gets me excited.
As a result, I will be going out and purchasing more.



 Toys are what Planet Fun is all about.


We think that they make New Zealand more fun! Planet Fun is totally New Zealand owned, and we have some of the hottest toy brands in the world such as LeapFrog, Lalaloopsy, Chill Factor, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pillow Pets, Peppa Pig, TY Beanies, Doc McStuffins and many more.
We’re constantly travelling the world and meeting the best toy inventors, so we’re always ahead of the toy trends so keep an eye out on our website where you’ll see news first. In case you’re wondering, yes, Planet Fun is a really fun place to be.

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