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SleepyTots New Zealand

Sleepytot comforters have finally arrived in NZ! Is your baby regularly waking through the night? Toddler waking at 5.30am, or pre-schooler refusing to go to sleep at bedtime? Our beautiful Sleepytot bunnies can help. They come in cream or grey, and we have a large or a smaller version…perfect for your precious wee bundle. Wonderful packaging makes it a great gift too.

Sleepytots award winning comforters have little velcro paws which can grasp dummies, soothers or teethers. They help little ones find their dummies easily at night and return to sleep without having to wake mum and dad.




Here at Sleepytot we have our baby comforters, soft toys designed with babies safety in mind. If you’ve been getting up several times during the night to replace her soother, or madly looking for lost dummies in the dark then a Sleepytot comforter is the solution for you.



What’s so great about our baby comforters? They have hook and loop tabs on the paws so you can attach them to the cot bars in the early days, keeping them safely out of baby’s reach. Later when baby gets more mobile and you know its safe, pop a dummy (or four) on the paws and your baby will never need you to find the dummy at night again. When your ready to transition your baby off the soother, your baby will still have their best buddy to cuddle and love.


Our Sleepytots are so clever they have won multiple awards as seen on our website and they have been endorsed by the Millpond Sleep Clinic in the UK as an aid to help young children and babies to locate their dummies so they can return to sleep easily without waking mum or dad.

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Review 1
My 6 mo boy Reid was waking 5 – 10 times a night looking for his dummy. The problem was that in my sleepy slumber, I often couldn’t find the dummy, and would be on my hands and knees in the dark searching on the floor and under the cot, sometimes with little success.

That all changed 2 weeks ago, when my Sleepytot arrived.

The Sleeytot is so unbelievable soft, it feels amazing. It is no wonder that babies/children love them. Reid took an instant liking to his “Bunny” and held it above this face as he was lying on the floor and gah’ed and goo’ed away to it. I have been a bit nervous about using a blanket etc as a comforter as I was anxious about the potential suffocation hazard. However, I was pleased to see that Sleeytot has won lots of awards and is also recommended by the Millpond International Child Sleep Clinic. It does have a warning on the side of the box to say to wait until baby is old enough to sleep cuddling a Sleepytot.
I was recommended by the lovely woman from Sleepytot to put Bunny down my top to get the mummy smell onto it. From the first sleep, which was a day sleep, Reid took to his Sleepytot. Reid is still getting used to manoeuvring the dummy around so he can get it into his mouth, so I do find that I still need to get up during the night to help with this. As he can’t get put the dummy into his mouth by himself, I have the Sleepytot attached to the side of the cot for the night time sleep. The real benefit I have experienced is that I can now easily find the dummies without having him completely wake up due to him getting impatient with me as I was trying to find one.
I also let him play with the Sleepytot during the day and he is getting much better at being able to put the dummy into his mouth. It won’t be too long and he will be able to do this by himself. Once he can, I believe that he will not require me to go in to him during the night.
Another great thing is that they are machine washable, which keeps it nice and clean and is very important to me. It doesn’t take long to dry so I can put it in the wash in the morning and it is dry in time for his first sleep of the day.
Overall, I really would recommend a Sleepytot to other parents and caregivers for their babies and children. It really is a helping hand in slumberland!
Thank you so much for having the opportunity to review the Sleepytot and I very much look forward to the day he is sleeping through the night.

Review 2
Such a clever idea, a soft and cuddly bunny which is practical as well. The bunny is just the perfect size for my 10 month old, therefore easy for him to carry and reach for. The rabbit also has satin on the ears which I noticed my baby liked to pat and stroke his fingers along.

There is velcro on each of its feet, so as well as attaching a dummy during sleep time (which I found he quickly worked out how to use) another great use we found is for teething, as we take off the dummies and attach a teething ring to chew on when we are out during the day. As my baby is 10 months, he’s been teething for a few months now and also has had a cough/cold and over the past few weeks has become quite attached to the bunny. Plus, it’s helped with sleeping longer for naps and during the night as he resettles quickly by putting the dummy back in himself.

This would make a great gift for a new parent, and it also has lovely packaging. Highly recommended.

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