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Making carbonated water and soft drinks is so simple. Turn tap water into sparkling water in 3 seconds! Enjoy the convenience of home soda and protect the environment. No heavy bottles to carry, store at home or throw away. Fizz to your taste with our delicious syrups. Add the flavor of your choice and make your favorite drink. Simple to clean and reuse. With the latest designs it will also look great in your kitchen. So… do you still do bubbles?












Lifestlye SodaStream Play Yellow

Add a splash of colour to your kitchen and brighten your day, with the brand new SodaStream Play!

Cheeky, vibrant and fun, the SodaStream Play is anything but shy. Created by world-renowned designer Yves Béhar, it’s at home in the most stylish of kitchen spaces with its minimalist yet colourful design.

The SodaStream Play will have the whole family bubbling with ideas: sparkling water with lemon for a sophisticated weekend lunch; creative cocktails for a girls night in; or fun and fruity combinations as a healthy choice for the kids!


The SodaStream Play comes with newly designed, sleek Fuse bottles that will look great on your dining table, and with a range of bright colours including yellow, red and blue, the SodaStream Play will have the whole family fizzing!

Get excited about water again with SodaStream Play. It uses water straight from the tap, and saves the average home 550 plastic bottles every year – a huge reduction in its carbon footprint.

The SodaStream Play is available in black, yellow, red, blue and white from Farmers, Briscoes, Noel Leeming, The Warehouse and other stockists of SodaStream, RRP $139.99.


  1. I really like this machine, it’s so easy to use and you get to choose how carbonated your water is. The machine looks good, takes up a small space on your bench and the kids enjoy making their own drinks, what more could you ask for 🙂
    OH one thing I could ask for, this machine doesn’t make the farting noise when it’s done 🙁 I miss that, a small thing I know and maybe childish but I miss it.

    We also got to try some of the new flavours and the Flavour shots.
    We tried Green Tea-Lychee, Kiwi-Pear, Fresh Lemon and Lemon-Lime. Me I’m a sucker for fruit flavours and I enjoyed them all but Kiwi-Pear would be my favourite of these.
    The flavour shot capsules though I don’t like, They come in a box of 8 capsules and each shot is one bottles worth of flavour, they take up twice as much space as a bottle of flavouring( although they can be kept in the cupboard) At approx $13.00 for the 8 shots they are a lot more expensive than a bottle of flavouring(which makes 12 bottles of drink). The only real plus to these that I can see is that the kids can use them and not make a mess by spilling the flavouring.

  2. We have a soda stream at home and absolutely adore it. We now have 10 bottles 5x 1 litre and 5x 500ml and they are all in use. We fill up all of the bottles in the evening; fizz them and choose our flavours and chill them overnight for yhe next day. I love the way soda stream now have a great selection of sugar free sodas. Having a diabetic in the house: these are perfect. And they dont taste like diet soda but reallt nice. I also love they apsartame free options. My fav is always sugar free lemonade as i like to add lime and (sometimes gin or vodka). The pink grapefruit (again sugar free) is also really great. Again i add lime and pomegranate mmmm so good. Hubby adores his sugar free cola. He adds boubon or just plain. The 500 ml bottles are great for taking in your lunch. We now have 2 gas bottles and are just about to invest in a 3rd as so economical.

  3. Love our soda stream source machine so much that in when buying it I was undecided on colour of kitchen so gave in and have 2 machines. One black and one white. This works so well as there is a backup to go inn the completed games room and I always have a gas bottle in each and a a backup bottle in the cupboard. We use the machines every week and coulee it with my water cooler chilled water on hand. We currently have around 5 flavors in the house but it is fresh in to use soda water for many other drinks including fizzed ice tea or just with a lemon or lime wedge on a hot day. I would be lost without my machines and I believe every house should own atleast one to steer away from the other fizzy drinks that cost so much.

  4. I remember as a kid, my parents having the old brown model with the white pull down handle, then xmas last year my parents brought us a soda stream machine of it was wasn’t brown & ugly but a fancy metallic red. We constantly use our machine & it so much cheaper than buying fizzy at the supermarket. My kids love the lemonade & creaming soda flavour. I totally love the energy flavour, tastes exactly like red bull for half the cost. We would be totally lost without our machine.

  5. He love our soda stream, I use it every day, great for when you have friends come over and its hot, also great when you hare having a vodka or rum and you can make your own coke and make it extra fizzy.
    No flat cheap soft drinks, love the summer lemon its great, also now you can get a larger gas bottle

  6. Got our Soda Stream machine as a christmas present and have to say they have come a long way since I was a kid. I love how sleek they look and how you don’t have to be scared of any levers, no forcing anything it is a dream to use. Put the bottle up and hooks on the lever itself then you press the lid/top/lever up to three times and hold down for as long as you like, the longer the fizzier and that is it. So simple.
    I myself do not like it too fizzy where as my husband prefers it extra fiz so had to go and buy a second bottle where as we will both be happy. I am content with one maybe two pushes where as my husband holds down for as long as he can and does three.
    We actually found the testers did not give much flavour and was really concerned until we brought our own mixtures and thru trial and error have come up with the perfect combination. Loving the Raspberry flavour where as my husband is enjoying the Ginger Beer.
    Soda Stream just keeps getting better and better.

  7. Melissa Rankin BarnsGraham

    I have never had a soda stream, I have used other peoples and have a borrowed one at the moment. I would love to be able to make my own ginger beer and Mike could make his own pineapple

  8. We love the soda stream, we have an our model and keep the soda water in the fridge, I use soda water with a little wine to reduce the amount I drink and try to lose some weight. The kids love it and enjoy trying a variety of flavours, especially the no sugar ones. I love having soft drinks on hand for family and visitors …..just need to keep an extra bottle of gas at home…don’t want to be caught short.

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