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Sofia The First: Curse of the Princess Ivy

The revelation of a spellbinding secret sets in motion the most thrilling adventure in the history of Sofia the First!

After learning that the Amulet of Avalor is magical, Amber snatches it while Sofia is sleeping. Unfortunately, she unwittingly unleashes a curse that summons evil Princess Ivy, who threatens to destroy the amulet, seize the crown and turn the entire kingdom black-and-white!
Amber and Sofia soar through the skies on a flying dragon – aided by special guest Rapunzel– as they embark on a daring quest to defeat Ivy, break the curse and save Enchancia.
Packed with high-flying excitement, plus three more song-filled episodes, The Curse of Princess Ivy shows how love, trust, and unselfishly putting others’ needs first can truly work magic!

A Kingdom of My Own
Smoke, Wings and Fire
Dare to Risk it All

Sofia The First - The Curse Of Princess Ivy



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Sofia The First: Curse of the Princess Ivy
NZ DVD Release Date: 6th May 2015
Genre: Kids/Family



Ariel Winter  – Sofia (Voice)
Wayne Brady – Clover (voice)
Darcy Rose Byrnes – Princess Amber (voice)
Anna Camp – Princess Ivy (voice)
Tim Gunn – Baileywick (voice)
Jess Harnell – Cedric (voice)
John Michael Higgins – Flambeau (voice)
Tyler Merna – Prince James (voice)
Mandy Moore – Rapunzel (voice)
Oliver Platt – Everburn (voice)
Sara Ramirez – Queen Miranda (voice)
Sam Riegel – Smokelee (voice)
Gary Anthony Williams – Hobwing (voice)
Travis Willingham – King Roland II (voice)
Mick Wingert – Nitelite (voice)

Written by:Craig Gerber and Erica Rothschild
Directed by Jamie Mitchell and Sam Riegel



If you have a precious little princess in your family who adores Sofia the First, then they will simply love it if you add this awesome DVD to their collection.
We are privileged to be able to offer our readers the opportunity to review the latest Sofia adventure which also features the beautiful Snow White



  1. Thanks for choosing us to review the DVD Sofia The First: Curse of the Princess Ivy.
    As soon as the DVD arrived in the post my daughter was so happy. She seemed to love the exciting cover and couldn’t wait to put it in the player. It was a great DVD. It held my children’s interest for the whole duration and I even found myself being wrapped up in it. I thought it had a great story line and loved that it had princess rapunzel appear in it, which my daughter was very happy about also. I felt it was a great target for all genders and all ages, with the variation of characters and animals. Overall it was a great DVD I would recommend to others for a great watch and something that people can also watch as a family.

  2. Firstly, thank you for choosing us to review the Sofia the First dvd.
    My daughter and son were both very excited when the dvd arrived. I had a look and thought it was ingenious that the dvd cover was reversible and that kids could colour in the back and make their own personalised cover if they wanted to – my daughter was very keen to do this.
    Both my 6 year old daughter and 4 year old son were both enthralled the entire time with the special junior length movie (perfect for younger ones who don’t quite have the attention span to get through a feature length movie.) It had just the right amount of adventure, while not being too scary to handle for my youngest child. This is, of course, aimed at girls and my daughter just loved seeing one of the Disney princesses – Rapunzel. The villain – Princess Ivy reminded me of a villain from my childhood and it was cool to find out that Princess Ivy is the niece of Cruella de Ville from 101 Dalmatians – Disney has been known to tie together its movies in subtle ways like this.
    The extra 3 episodes were a nice bonus, to get a little more from the dvd. They are normal Sofia the First episodes, where something goes wrong, and she must learn a lesson to fix it up before the end – standard Disney fare., perfect for holding a little girls attention. I believe that Sofia certainly is the most relate-able Disney Princess to date and this is why little girls love Sofia so much.
    I would recommend this dvd to any parent that has a little girl – these teach lessons on being a good person, instead of “the prince saves the princess in distress and they fall in love immediately” type movies that were released when I was a child. Perfect for daddy daughter dates or a family movie night.

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