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Harraways Steel Cut Oats

Harraways has a NEW variety to add to its family of oats – Steel Cut Oats, available in three delicious flavours:

  • Original
  • Brown Sugar, Sultana and Cinnamon
  • Apple and Honey




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Wondering what Steel Cut Oats are?



Simply put, they are oat groats cut into pieces, whereas your more traditional oats are rolled, leaving flakes.  Steel cut oats are less processed and provide a textured porridge whilst retaining a wholesome and nutty flavour. Diets higher in whole grains are known to be more beneficial than diets low in fibre. High in fibre, with a low glycemic impact – Harraways Steel Cut Oats allow you to manage your weight which may leave you feeling more energized.



Gone are the days of lengthy cooking times!

Harraways uses modern milling methods to cut the oats into small sizes, reducing the cooking time from 20-30 minutes to just 3 minutes. Harraways Original Steel Cut Oats provide a hearty breakfast and are perfect for those that love the nutty flavour of natural oats. Add fresh fruit to make your breakfast extra tasty.

Pop Harraways Brown Sugar, Sultana and Cinnamon Steel Cut Oats in the microwave for 3 minutes for a quick, tasty breakfast packed with goodness of real sultanas, complemented by the flavour of cinnamon and brown sugar. Use a deep bowl to prevent boil over.

When you’re in a rush and have no time to prepare your own fruit, Harraways Apple and Honey Steel Cut Oats are the perfect solution. The natural apple pieces are paired with honey to sweeten your day.

Packaged in resealable bags and available in singles, Harraways Steel Cut Oats are affordable and convenient.

Available in supermarkets nationwide.

Harraways Steel Cut Oats 500g RRP: $4.49
Harraways Steel Cut Oats Singles RRP: $4.49




Family in Focus is over the moon to let all our readers know that we have TWO prize packs containing the new Harraways Steel Cut Oats, and some other goodies too


  • 1x Harraways Steel Cut Oats – Apple & Honey
  • 1x Harraways Steel Cut Oats – Brown Sugar, Sultana & Cinnamon
  • 1x Harraways Steel Cut Oats – Original
  • 1x recipe card
  • 1x Harraways tote


Congratulations to our two lucky winners
Brent Stone
Corina Lim

We would love to see a photo of you on our Facebook page with your prize when it arrives


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  1. Yum such a good start to the day for the whole family

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