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Sun Rice Mini Bites


Supermarket snack aisles across the country have been invaded by miniature monsters, the poster pin-ups of the new tasty SunRice Mini Bites.

These bite-sized brown rice cakes each have their own mini-monster persona and are expected to be a lunchbox must for little Kiwi critters.


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SunRice MiniBites

SunRice Mini Bites with the goodness of whole grains are gluten-free and contain no artificial colours – making them a healthy alternative to potato chips.

Made with the goodness of whole grain brown rice and seasoned with tasty flavours, these mini cakes come in three varieties – Scary Salt & Vinegar (complete with a toothy purple monster), Devilish Chicken (starring a grinning one-eyed green snake) and Creepy Cheese (featuring a long-haired, big-eyed yellow monster) and are likely to appeal adults as much as children for their tasty flavours and healthier snack benefits.

Scary Salt & Vinegar Devilish Chicken Creepy Cheese








Packaged into 20g bags, they are a yummy lunch box treat for kids, a perfect quick snack at the office or an ideal gluten-free alternative to crackers on a party platter.

Wholegrains are an important part of a child’s diet,” says NZ Nutrition Foundation dietitian Sarah Hanrahan, “yet parents can sometimes struggle to include them in a way that kids will like.”

Benefits of SunRice Mini Bites

  • Gluten free
  • No Artificial flavours
  • Each 20g serve contains: less than 400 kJ, less than 2.5g of fat, only 1% of your daily intake of sugar and 5% of your daily intake of sodium.

For a fun, tasty, light and nutritious snack on the go, look no further than SunRice Mini Bites. They are ideal for critters small – and big.

SunRice Mini Bites can be found in the healthy food aisle of your supermarket, in packs of 8 x 20g bags, for a RRP of $4.99


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