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Let’s face it, travelling with your family is a totally different experience to travelling by yourself, with a partner or friend. There are a few more things to take into consideration but it is still going to be an amazing experience for all concerned and kids LOVE to travel. You however will find that you see things for the first time again when you watch the wonder and amazement that your child sees when they come across a new experience. Children can get bored at home (ok so adults do as well) and there is nothing better than facing new challenges in a new country, or even one you’ve visited several times before. There will always be new things, or you can just approach it in a different way.
When travelling you get to spend quality time as a FAMILY, something that can get lost at home with the commitments of work, school, and everything in between.
OK it’s not something you want to be doing every 5 minutes, but a family holiday can offer so much within the family unit, and if you take the time, there are plenty of ways to save money so you don’t return home regretting a holiday that has just put you into debt.

Family in Focus want to share our experiences. I have personally travelled overseas on my own, with my husband, and also with my children of all different ages and each trip has had it’s ups and downs, but each has created memories that will live with me forever.
Travelling should be a FUN experience for all the family and we hope that on the Family in Focus Travel section, we can help you make informed decisions by sharing the experiences we have had with you.

We will also offer tips and suggestions from other MUMS that have helped them to make the most out of their experiences We will also hopefully be able to offer links different deals that companies may have in the future
So for now…..sit back…….let the ride begin

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