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Want to write an article for Family in Focus ?

Have you experienced something that you believe other Mums and Dad’s would like to hear about ? Do you have some words of wisdom that could be of interest to other families ?
Perhaps you have a compelling story or point of view that will resonate with or intrigue others?
If so, Family in Focus wants to hear from you.

We don’t need your article to be ‘professional’ as such, but want it to be something that comes from the heart, something that matters to you…if you do that, then you are always going to communicate to your readers, because you are sharing your truth and reaching outside of yourself to do so.

The stories that Family in Focus want you to share, we want to come from a parent’s experience. Imagine you’re simply part of a group, sharing what you’ve been through (good and bad) and how you felt, what helped you deal with it, and any support you received. Links to sites that personally helped you would also be great to have as sometimes the amount on the net is simply overwhelming, especially when you have your mind on other things.

What we hope to gain, is that, by sharing your experiences, other parents will be able to read the words and while they may not find an answer, they will find support, and in doing so, we hope they will gain the knowledge that they are not alone, and that there are people around that understand how they’re feeling

If this sounds like you, then please, drop us a note explaining why you’d like to write for Family in Focus, and what you envision covering.

What opportunity is best for you?

1. Featured Writers:
If you’d like to be one of our Featured Writers that write articles weekly. Each writer has their own unique experiences and style so we would love to hear from you.
2. Contributing Writers:
Contributing Writers have the option to write regular articles, but are not tied in to write every week. This could perhaps suit someone with an expertise somewhere that they would like to share
3. Guest Writers:
Guest Writers are simply that, those people who would love to contribute but often don’t have time to do so on a regular basis. If you have inspiration about a topic that is something you are passionate about, we would love you to share with our readers.

Unfortunately we are unable to pay our writes, however if you would like to link to a relevant website/blog that you feature yourself, you are more than welcome to feature it 🙂


  1. Michelle Thinnasagaren

    Hi!! i would be interested in this but not sure between Contributing or Guest Writer. How would i go about being considered please…

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