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Win a Double Pass to Wellington Armageddon

If you had told me a few years ago that I would be attending an Expo like Armageddon, I probably would have laughed at you. Don’t get me wrong, I have always been a big fan of anything fantasy or sci fi, and although I’m not as big on the gaming as many others, I do enjoy a great game, especially if it’s an RPG, but things like this are for the geeks and nerds.
At least that is what I USED to think !!
My first Armageddon I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I went into the event with eyes (and mind) wide open and I guess that is how I’ve continued at every Armageddon Expo I have been to since. The people were as varied as the costumes they wore and far from the ‘geeks’ I had imagined, everyone was totally normal and in fact really interesting. They just had one thing in common – their love of all that was contained within the Expo.

Many of us have grown up with the characters we read about in comic books. It was the first time our imaginations came to life in the pictures we could see on the page. We have watched our favourite characters be joined by the likes of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh and many many more new characters that are emerging all the time from the various games etc that have taken on the world. And as the years have passed, we have watched, as those characters we have read about, have made their way to the big screen. I know I have often been a part of discussions about how the image portrayed on the screen compares to the image we had in our minds.
Take another step forward and Armageddon offers us the opportunity to meet the people behind the characters, the people who gave the images in our minds a voice.
THEN we take the opportunity to look past the people and see the work that goes on behind the characters so to speak. One of my favourite things at the Armageddon’s I have been lucky enough to attent, has been watching the Body FX change an every day person into a character. I love watching the progress that happens and the passion that the artists approach their creations with. They are such talented people and I wish I had half their skills.

All in all, Armageddon is an experience that you will never forget and it’s something we want to share with all our readers.









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But enough of our experiences and opinions, this post is for our readers and it’s where we are offering YOU the opportunity the chance to win one of 5 double passes to the Wellington event.

The expo, held at Westpac Stadium, Wellington, is open

10am to 5pm Saturday June 3rdth  
10am to 5pm Sunday June 4thth
10am to 5pm Monday June 5thth

Entering is REALLY easy, Fill in the contact form below and answer a simple question.
All we want you to tell us what you’re most looking forward to about the Expo in the comments section below.

Family in Focus  Competition Terms and Conditions

1* Applications will run through to 5pm 30/5/17
2* Please take the time to like the Family in Focus and Armageddon Facebook pages (link above)
3* There will be 5 Random Draws where each winner will receive a double pass to the Wellington Armageddon Event
4* Applications are open to NZ residents only
5* Applications are limited to one entry per household, Multiple applications will be deemed null and void
6* Family in Focus accepts no responsibility for any entries not received for any reason during the Entry Period
7* Incomplete, illegible, indecipherable or incorrect applications are not eligible to be in the draw



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