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Whitestone Cheese

In the limestone country of the central South Island, New Zealand, there is a place touched by a kind of magic that can’t be found elsewhere in the world. It’s in the air, the water, the pastures and the ancient white rock that inspired the name of Whitestone.




Windsor Blue

Supreme Champion 2006, judges described it as a creamy blue with a soft buttery texture and a silky smooth mouth feel. It has a unique blue culture that dissects the rich curd and combines to produce a delicate flavour that intensifies with ageing.




The Whitestone family

The Whitestone family is committed to exceeding customer expectations, by creating world class cheeses through innovative excellence and teamwork.



Review 1 – Windsor Blue


If you’re not regularly a huge lover of blue cheese I think this one from Whitestone Cheeses might just change your opinion.

It’s soft, creamy and buttery texture with a mild blue flavour is a taste sensation.

Easy to eat on it’s own or to put on a platter with other treats such as dried fruits and the like.

As well as providing the Windsor Blue on a platter for our Mums to try, we decided to create a Blue Cheese Dip (recipe HERE) to compliment our Buffalo Wings and this gorgeous cheese most definately delivered in this as well.

We made sure that the Windsor Blue flavour wasn’t hidden within the dip, but gave yet another pleasurable facet to the Whitestone experience, and it was amazing to see people that are not Blue Cheese fans, absolutely loving what was provided for them.!

Review 2 – Windsor Blue

I adore Blue cheese, and this one didnt disappoint! Was super creamy and smooth, but didnt lack flavour either. It had a milder tang so those that are a bit put off by the sharpness of blue cheese this is a great first time taster, that wont scare you too much! Perfect pairing with fruit pastes and rice crackers in my opinion! YUM

Review 3 – Windsor Blue

OMG…(and if I could work out how to make that bigger I would)……This cheese is divine , I tried it with relish , fruit , on its own , I just kept coming back for more , was such a smooth and full flavour , I now have some at home , but am open to friends gifting it to me ….it was the best , I had this a the Mums review Taste evening ….and LOVED it

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