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Dot’s Cooking Spray

Hi, it’s Dot here, and have I got some great news for you this summer!





The never ending chores of cooking and cleaning can be made easy with a little help from my range of household products. Your house will be a clean home in no time at all, without any fuss.

Love, Dot

Dot’s Home





My Dot’s Cooking Spray makes summer entertaining sooo easy! You don’t have to worry about mess, food sticking or cleaning up when you use my cooking spray. It’s convenient and versatile making it perfect for all your summer entertaining. Made from canola oil, a vegetable oil high in monounsaturated fats and naturally free from cholesterol, there are no added flavours, colours or preservatives.





Here’s a handy tip: Spray my Dot’s Cooking Spray on your BBQ in-between uses and rub lightly with a paper towel to prevent rusting! This also makes cleaning up next time a breeze





I absolutely love my Dot’s Canola Oil Cooking Spray and don’t think my pantry would be complete without it.
I was first introduced to it when it came as part of a package that I received at the Food Show and to be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure I would use it.
How wrong could I be !!!

I love making cupcakes and muffins for my family and over winter, there’s nothing nicer than sitting down to lunch and having some nice hot cheese and bacon muffins. Using Dot’s now means that I can spray my muffin tins and when I go to tip the muffins out……they actually come out in a complete treat, not leaving all those little bits that stick to the tin.

Then we come to other cooking options, the frypan, hotplate etc. By using Dot’s you are reducing the calories because lets face it, you are using a lot less oil than if you tipped some in the pan. Then you also have the added bonus that your food isn’t going to be as greasy and as ‘heavy’ which is how things taste to me when they’ve been cooking in more oil than is necessary.

Seriously, if you haven’t given Dot’s a try, then grab it on the next shopping trip and see how much healther (and cleaner) your cooking life is going to be.






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